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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add An item To My Cart ?

Simply login or register and shop away. Welcome to Celebrating You and Thank you so much for your business!

How Do I Print My Orders ?

Simply, login to your Account:

1. Click on My Orders under My Profile

2. Choose the order you would like to print & click to View (right end of the order in your list)

3. Right Click anywhere on the order details

4. Select Print

5. Select your printer & Print your order

Do You Accept PayPal Checkout ?

Yes we do. We actually give you 2 ways to pay with PayPal:

1. PayPal Standard Web Payments.

2. BuyMeLater, which allows you to Buy Now and Pay Later.
(Subject to credit approval. Please visit PayPal for more information on BuyMeLater)

What Types Of Credit Cards Do You Accept ?

We accept American Express Card, Discover Card, Master Card & Visa including Debit Cards.

Do You Accept Checks ?

Yes we do. We accept Electronic Checks (eCheck by ACH Withdrawal), however the following prerequisites apply before you can pay by check:

Pre-Approval is required for payment by eCheck.

Pre-Approval Prerequisites: You MUST have previously paid by Credit Card (Payment thru Amazon, Google or PayPal do not qualify) in order to be approved.

  • You MUST NOT have ANY previously returned check!
  • Gift Certificates as well as International Shipping are NOT ALLOWED to be purchased with eCheck payment!

Please send an email to to request eCheck pre-approval.

There is a 7 day waiting period BEFORE ANY items are shipped to allow payment to clear.

The total amount due including shipping and taxes MUST NOT exceeded $1,499.99 per order. If your total amount due is over this amount, please choose a different method of payment or break up your order into 2 or more orders.

A $30.00 return check fee per order will be charged to you if payment is returned unpaid!

By selecting this payment option, you agree to ALL these terms!

(Please note: eChecks take 7 days to clear, but once cleared we will ship your items.)

Can I Buy A Gift Certificate For Someone ?

Yes you can. Simply click on Gift Certificate in the Categories Box (Left), type in your information, the recipients and amount. Check out and your all done. You can even tell us to send an email to your recipient to notify them of your gift. Just check the " Email this gift certificate " box when adding your gift certificate to your cart. Please note: Purchase of ANY gift certificate CANNOT be paid by eCheck. However, you may pay using a credit or debit card.

Do You Gift Wrap ?

Yes we do.

(Please note: Please send an email to if you would like gift wrapping for your items.)

Is My Information Safe ?

Yes it is! Celebrating You is built upon your trust and has a 2048 bit encryption security to assure your payment is safe with us. In fact, we go a step future to assure it's you by verifying your identity during payment. We appreciate your business and work very hard to gain your trust in our services.

We are certified safe by the following third party company: 

Symantec's Norton Safe Web 
(Click to see our rating)

Do You Have Any Reward Programs ?

Yes we do. For starters, Celebrating You Refers program allows you to save 5%, 10%, 15% etc; every time you refer 5 people to Celebrating You starting with your first 10.

Here's how it works:

1. Refer your first 10 people to Celebrating You and we will reward you with a 5% discount off your next order.

2. Refer another 5 for a total of 15 people and we will reward you with 10% off your next order.

3. The more your referrals added up, the more rewards you get with the domination of 5% for every 5 people after your first 10.

(Please note: Make sure you tell your referrals to assure to put your name in the referral box when they register @ to make sure you get the credit.

Celebrating You appreciate your business and this is just one way we celebrate you!)

Do You Ship To The Armed Forces ?

Yes we do. Just choose you’re Armed Forces when adding your shipping addresses in the State / Province field of the form. Celebrating You Celebrate Our Service Men & Women!

Do You Ship Internationally ?

Yes we do. (Please note: Please send an email to for international shipping instructions. Please list the items you would like to purchase in your email.)

Do You Donate To Charities ?

Yes we do. Celebrating You celebrates both local and national charities by donating 3% of your orders to the varies charities on our site. Visit our Donate to a Charity page to see which charities we celebrate. Don't see a charity you know and would like to suggest one ? Please send and email to and we will see if we can partner with them as a charity. Thank you for just being you and helping us Celebrate Charities.